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Tracking: Real-time and Band TrackerTracking: Real-time and Band Tracker

The aim was to track the arm band worn by a person walking in a crowded street. The challenge here was to keep tracking even after the person/arm band exits and re-enters in the frame. This tracking could be done on real time as well as recorded videos independent of resolution or fps.

Tracking: Object localizationTracking: Object localization

The challenge here was to track the cube in the running water steam. In this, very precise tracking information was required. This is a part of research project where the objective was to study the impact of water stream.

Medical Imaging: Spinal CordMedical Imaging: Spinal Cord

This was a part of a big project which was specifically developed to represent information of the spinal cord (given in an encapsulated form in 3D space) in 2D, to make the analyses of the spinal cord a lot easier. Also, gives a clearer view to the doctor about injury/defect.

ObjObject Matching: Wine Bottleect Matching: Wine Bottle

The aim of this project was to give best matched results against an image given as a search input from a large set of images. The working is similar as Google’s image search.

Medical Imaging: Teeth Segmentation

This application enables to analyze & manipulate patient’s jaw/teeth virtually. It can automatically align the jaw, do inter-teeth & gum-tooth segmentation, place brackets, manipulate tooth & brackets, draw wire through brackets. It gives a prior estimation of the wire length to be inserted.

Image Segmentation: Foot Impression AnalyserImage Segmentation: Foot Impression Analyser

Knees and Joints pains are becoming common problems in us. The problem can be solved by using right footwear which can handle the pressure exerted by them on various points in the foot. We have used background separation and heat maps to get pressure exertion.

Human Detection: People CountingHuman Detection: Motion Sensing & Tracking

In this, people were detected and tracked present in a room with the help of just the depth map and grey gradient images given by Kinect. An accurate colored depth map image with human detection was produced as an output.

Industrial Application: Rim AlignmentIndustrial Application: Rim Alignment

This application was developed for automobile industry. The aim was to detect the defect in the rim and suggest adjusting the angles of the wheel, which results in smooth and safe driving, also saves fuel and wear-n-tear of the vehicle.